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Q - Who do I contact if I have questions about the course content?
A - You can contact the Associate Dean of Career Advancement 304-260-4380 ext 2405/ or if the instructor email is available you may try them.

Q - Who do I contact if I have questions on how to register?
A - You can contact the Career Advancement Enrollment Specialist 304-260-4380 ext 2411or

Q - How often are Career Advancement Course Schedules published?
A - Career Advancement Schedules are published twice a year : Fall - covers September - January 30 or the coming year and Spring/Summer covers February - July . Courses are consistantly being added, so if you don't see it in the printed schedule, please look for it online -

Q- How do I withdraw from a course?
A- If you need to withdraw from a course you need to contact Ce Nichols, Enrollment Specilists at 304-260-4380 ext 2411 or

Q - Is there financial aid available for any of the non-credit courses listed on this website?
A- West Virginia residents who qualify financially may be elligible for Higher Education Adult Part-time Student (HEAPS) assistance. Please check the course description. If the course is listed as HEAPS elligible and you think you may qualify please contact Ce Nichols, Enrollment Specialist at 304-260-4380 ext 2411 or cnichols@

Q -
How do I register and apply for HEAPS Funding? 
A- You can not register online. You will need to contact Ce Nichols for a HEAPS application and special registration form. Contact Ce at 304-260-4380 ext 2411 or