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Q - Who do I contact if I have questions about the course content?
A - You can contact the Associate Dean of Career Advancement 304-260-4380 ext 2405/ or if the instructor email is available you may try them.

Q - Who do I contact if I have questions on how to register?
A - You can contact the Career Advancement Enrollment Specialist 304-260-4380 ext 2411or

Q - How often are Career Advancement Course Schedules published?
A - Career Advancement Schedules are published twice a year : Fall - covers September - January 30 or the coming year and Spring/Summer covers February - July . Courses are consistantly being added, so if you don't see it in the printed schedule, please look for it online -

Q- How do I withdraw from a course?
A- If you need to withdraw from a course you need to contact Sheri Williams, Student Success Program Coordinator at 304-260-4380 ext 2411 or

Q - Is there financial aid available for any of the non-credit courses listed on this website?
A- West Virginia residents who qualify financially may be elligible for Higher Education Adult Part-time Student (HEAPS) assistance. Please check the course description. If the course is listed as HEAPS elligible and you think you may qualify please contact Sheri Williams  at 304-260-4380 ext 2411 or 

Q - How do I register and apply for HEAPS Funding? 
A- You can not register online. You will need to contact Sheri Williams for a HEAPS application and special registration form. Contact Sheri at 304-260-4380 ext 2411 or